Our Services

Mnesto (PTY) LTD offer a wide range of services which includes: supply of - PVC & Bosal pipes trunking - Power and instrumental cables - Overhead line Equipment - General Electrical contracting material and lighting - Aerial bundle conductor system - Condition monitoring Equipment e.g. transformers relays, breakers test equipment - Cable termination kits and joining - Testers and multi-meters - All types of cables - Bulkhead and light fittings e.t.c

Electric Supply

We are suppliers of all kinds of electrical components

Plumbing Supply

We supply plumbing material of any type

Catering Equipment

This is the right place your equipment .

Who we are

Mnesto is a black owned South African Company and an in-house company that has diverse subsidiaries. We render reliable, quality and etiquette services which are incomparable. The company was formed by Ernest Madimetja Tsela in March 2016. No job is too small or too big for us, but a challenge. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and an extreme theme to approach to quality and elegant presentation. We give personalised attention to each client, every client is important. We personally go through the full process from planning and management of budgets, setting goals and timeliness, midstores and executing the ideas into a reality.

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